About EITT

The research team EITT is made up of a group of researchers committed to research of excellence in the economic analysis of infrastructures, transport services and tourism. The main lines of research of the EITT can be summarized as:

  • Economic Analysis of Infrastructures: economic analysis of investment, management and regulation of infrastructures, especially transport (roads, ports, airports and railway infrastructures).
  • Economic Analysis of Transport Services: analysis of passenger and freight transport services, specifically including land transport (road and rail), maritime transport and air transport. This line of research also includes the economic, theoretical or empirical analysis of the problems associated with regulation, efficiency and competition in the provision of public services.
  • Economic Analysis of Tourism: Economic analysis of tourism, including theoretical and empirical analysis of demand models and discrete choice. This line of research also includes the analysis of the interaction of tourism with other areas such as sustainable development, regional development, impact on tourism of investment in new transport infrastructures, impact on tourism of the organization of cultural and sporting events, etc.

EITT has extensive experience in carrying out work for public and private institutions, as well as in participating in research programs of national and international organizations. Among these institutions, the following can be highlighted: European Commission, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, European Investment Bank, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Science and Technology, AIREF, CNMC, FEDEA, Government of the Canary Islands or Island Council from Gran Canaria, among others.

The results of these studies have been translated into numerous publications in prestigious and specialized journals, the result of the EITT‘s commitment to the production and dissemination of research of excellence.