ASTICAN and Puertos de Las Palmas renew the PORMAR Chair for two years

The Spanish Government today officially approved the renewal for two years of the agreement between the Port Authority of Las Palmas (APLP), Astican and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) for the development of the Maritime-Port Chair PORMAR. The purpose of the Agreement is to develop this Chair at the ULPGC for the continuous performance of research, transfer, dissemination, teaching and innovation activities on matters related to maritime activities, ports and maritime transport.

Among these activities, and as an indication, the following will be carried out:

– Organize and hold seminars related to this matter.

– Collaborate in the financing of research work and training activities for Porffesors and collaborators linked to the Chair and that are related to the subject

– Support publications on the subjects under study by the Chair.

– Encourage collaboration and the exchange of knowledge between universities and professionals by facilitating meeting spaces.

– Those other actions that within the framework of this Agreement are deemed appropriate by the Monitoring Committee.

In order to carry out the activities of the Chair, each of the parties –APLP and ASTICAN– undertakes to provide it annually, and for a period of two years, with the amount of ten thousand euros.

The Direction of the Chair will correspond to Dr. Lourdes Trujillo Castellano, University Professor of the Department of Applied Economic Analysis of the ULPGC. The Subdirector of the Engineering part will be Dr. Alba Martínez López, hired Doctor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the ULPGC. The Subdirector of the Economics part will be Doctor Don Casiano Manrique de Lara Peñate, hired Doctor of the Department of Applied Economic Analysis of the ULPGC. The Secretary will be Doctor Daniel Castillo Hidalgo, Assistant Doctor of the Department of Historical Sciences of the ULPGC.

Source: Puerto Canarias