Challenges for ports and maritime transport in Spain and Europe: An economic analysis

This project presents five lines of work linked by the idea that the operation of ports determines, to a large extent, the international competitiveness of countries. The first develops interrelated models for the comprehensive evaluation of a country’s maritime network, where ports act as essential nodes. The second specifically assesses the internal functioning of ports through an efficiency analysis. The third analyzes the different regulatory models, studying the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. The fourth presents a methodology that analyzes profitability, capital composition and possible concentration in the port terminals market. The fifth delves into the feasibility study of this mode of transport and attempts to identify the attributes on which the modal decision depends, with the aim of promoting economic policies that directly influence these decisions.

Technical details

Financing entities: Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
Time period: 2016-2018

Researchers and Associate Personal

The members of the ULPGC research team are the following:

Dra. Mrs. Lourdes Trujillo, University Professor (main researcher).
Dra. Mrs. Inmaculada Aguiar, University Professor.
Dr. Mr. Javier Campos, Professor at the University.
Dra. Mrs. María Manuela González, Contracted Professor Doctor.
Dr. Mr. Casiano Manrique de Lara, Contracted Professor Doctor.
Dra. Mrs. Victoria Ruiz, Contracted Professor Doctor.

Also, as part of the research team:

Dr. Mr. Alberto Camarero, Associate Professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
The members of the work team are:
Mr. Manuel Herrera, Assistant Professor and researcher at the Université Catholique de Louvain.
Mrs. Dña. Ivone Pérez, researcher in the ULPGC project.

Sponsors and Partners