Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost-benefit Analysis is a manual intended for postgraduate students and last years of studies, as well as for professionals involved in the economic evaluation of projects.
This text collects the key elements for a detailed and accurate analysis, without forgetting to enter the most recent discussions about economic impacts beyond the economy, or the importance of coordination with institutions. De Rus examines whether political decisions such as investing in high-speed trains, privatizing public companies or protecting natural spaces result in greater social well-being.
In this book the reader will find:

  • A complete description of the cost-benefit analysis, so that students and professionals have a basic model for responsible decision-making.
  • Interpretations of relevant cases taken from the real world, which allow the reader to understand how this model is applied.
  • A clear, up-to-date and accessible text that encourages discussion in the classroom and knowledge of this fundamental economic tool in decision-making.

Ginés de Rus Mendoza

Antoni Bosch Editor