Grisolía Santos, José María



Publicaciones recientes

Grisolia, J. M., & Willis, K. (2021). Ethical Aspects-Can We Value Life, Health, and Environment in Money Terms?International Encyclopedia of Transportation.

López Del Pino, F., Grisolía Santos, J. M., & Ortúzar, J. D. D. (2021). Is there room for a room-tax in the Canary Islands?International Journal of Tourism Research.
ARTÍCULO | SJR: 1,032– Q1 JCR: 2585,0– Q2

Qian, L., Grisolía, J. M., & Soopramanien, D. (2019). The impact of service and government-policy attributes on consumer preferences for electric vehicles in ChinaTransportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice122, 70-84.
ARTÍCULO | SJR: 2,109– Q1 JCR: 3992,0– Q1

Grisolía, J. M., Longo, A., Hutchinson, G., & Kee, F. (2018). Comparing mortality risk reduction, life expectancy gains, and probability of achieving full life span, as alternatives for presenting CVD mortality risk reduction: A discrete choice study of framing risk and health behaviour change. Social Science & Medicine211, 164-174.
ARTÍCULO | SJR: 2,031– Q1 JCR: 3,087– Q1

Grisolía, J. M. (2018). Lifestyle and heart diseases in choice experiments. In Lifestyle In Heart Health And Disease (pp. 163-173). Academic Press.

Publicaciones destacadas

Grisolía, J. M., & Willis, K. G. (2012). A latent class model of theatre demand. Journal of Cultural Economics36(2), 113-139.
ARTÍCULO | SJR: 0,549– Q2 JCR: 2,222– Q1

Grisolía, J. M., López, F., & de Dios Ortúzar, J. (2015). Increasing the acceptability of a congestion charging scheme. Transport Policy39, 37-47.
ARTÍCULO | SJR: 1,394– Q1 JCR: 1,522– Q1

Willis, K. G., Snowball, J. D., Wymer, C., & Grisolía, J. (2012). A count data travel cost model of theatre demand using aggregate theatre booking data. Journal of Cultural Economics36(2), 91-112.
ARTÍCULO | SJR: 0,549– Q2 JCR: 2,222– Q1

Grisolía, J. M., & Willis, K. G. (2011). An evening at the theatre: Using choice experiments to model preferences for theatres and theatrical productions. Applied Economics43(27), 3987-3998.
ARTÍCULO | SJR: 0,606– Q3 JCR: 0,459– Q3

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