Maritime-Maritime Chair

The “Maritime Port Chair” is an agreement between the ULPGC and the Port Authority of Las Palmas to promote the research spirit, supporting the generation of new projects of social interest, in general terms, and in particular in terms of ports and maritime transport. Its activities include the organization of seminars related to topics of general interest, the promotion of collaboration and the exchange of knowledge between universities and professionals, facilitating meeting spaces and the support of publications on the subjects under study by the Chair.

Technical details

Research fields: Transport Economics. Marine transport.
Participating entities: MAPFRE, Puertos del Estado and ASTICAN.
Collaborating or sponsoring entities of the project: MAPFRE, Puertos del Estado and ASTICAN.
Time period: 2019 – 2020

Researchers and Associate Personal

From the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria:

Dr. Lourdes Trujillo, University Professor.
Dr. Casiano Manrique de Lara, Hired Professor Doctor.
Dr. Dolores Santos-Peñate, University Professor.
Dr. Inmaculada Aguiar, Titular University Professor.
Dr. Mercedes Calvo, Titular University Professor.
Dr. Javier Campos, Titular University Professor.
Dr. José Juan Hernández, Titular University Professor.
Dr. Juan Luis Jiménez Titular University Professor.
Dr. Javier Lorenzo, Titular University Professor.
D. María Manuela González, Hired Professor Doctor.
Dr. Alba Martínez-López, Hired Professor Doctor.
Dr. Victoria Ruiz, Hired Professor Doctor.
Manuel Chica, Associate Professor.
Pedro Ferrer Delgado, Associate Professor.
Dra. Ivone Pérez, Researcher in projects.

They also collaborate:

Dr. Daniel Castillo, Hired Professor Doctor of the University of La Coruña.
Dr. Ancor Suárez-Alemán, consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank.
María Ceballos, master student in maritime transport and finance at the City University of London.
D. Pedro Gallego, naval engineer and Ph.D. candidate at the ULPGC.
D. Manuel Herrera, Asistant Professor, researcher of the Université Catholique de Louvain and Ph.D. candidate.
Dña. Ana López, Economist and Ph.D. candidate at the ULPGC.

Sponsors and partners