Martínez López, Alba

Alba Martinez-Lopez is a Naval Architect and a Marine Engineer from 2006, she received the Master´s degree of Maritime administration and Port management in 2010 and her PhD title in Marine Engineering (University of A Coruña) in 2012. Alba Martinez-Lopez is currently employed as an Associate Professor in the Naval architecture unit of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University (Mechanical Engineering department) in Spain. She belongs to the Economics of Infraestructure and Transport research group (EIT). Her current research field is specially focused on the definition of the most suitable routes to provide a competitive multimodal transport through the correct integration of the maritime transport (Motorways of the Sea) into the transport chains and the optimization of the fleets for it. Additionally, she is a technical advisor of maritime colaborating with several institutions (Inter-American Development Bank –IDB-, World Bank Group, etc).

She is accredited as an Associate Professor from 2014 by the ANECA, by collaborating in docent tasks: Business Economics, Project Management and Manufacturing Organization, Logistics and transportation, Design and Projects of vessels. Currently she is also the head of the Master’s Degree in Ships and Off-shore Units Repair Technology, this degree is offered by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria along with Maritime Spanish Institute (IME).

Previously she was working as an assistant professor in the Department of Naval Architecture of University of A Coruña (Spain) and in a Post-Doctoral position for the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Esbjerg, collaborating in the Food Port Project (INTERREG IV B – North Sea Region Programme, European Regional Development Fund). As a pre-doctoral researcher, she worked in the Integrated Group for Engineering Research. Previously to her researching work she was collaborating with Barreras shipyard in the Commercial Department and with Ghenova technical office as a Project Manager.

Campos de Investigación

Transporte Marítimo de corta distancia.
Optimización de buques.
Sostenibilidad operativa en buques.



Publicaciones recientes

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Publicaciones destacadas

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