Trujillo Castellano, Lourdes

Graduated in Economics, including an MBA, and Ph.D. in Economics. She has been a consultant for the Government of the Canary Islands, the Spanish Government, the European Commission, the African Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank. Her areas of expertise include price theory, efficiency measurement, demand forecasting, and regulatory design for infrastructure industries. Recently, she has published in magazines such as Transportation Research Part A, Transportation Research Part D, Utilities Policy, Research in Transportation Business & Management, and Annals Operations Research. Moreover, she has published books and book chapters on port and maritime economics.

Research interests

Efficiency and productivity.
Infrastructure and Transport Economics.
Price theory.
Demand forecasting.
Regulatory design.


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Director of the PORMAR Chair

Recent publications

Di Vaio, A., Trujillo, L., D’Amore, G., & Palladino, R. (2021). Water governance models for meeting sustainable development Goals: A structured literature review. Utilities Policy72, 101255.

Trujillo, L., & Martínez-López, A. (2021). Ferries and Short Sea Shipping.

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Di Vaio, A., López Ojeda, A., Manrique De Lara Peñate, C., & Trujillo Castellano, L. (2021). The measurement of sustainable behaviour and satisfaction with services in cruise tourism experiences.: an empirical analysis. Research in Transportation Business and Management.
PAPER | SJR: 0,938– Q1 JCR: 2189,0– Q3

Castillo Hidalgo, D.& Trujillo Castellano, L. (2021). Megabuques portacontenedores: así se mueve el 80% del comercio internacional. The conversation.

Remarkable publications

Coelli, T., Estache, A., Perelman, S., & Trujillo, L. (2003). A primer on efficiency measurement for utilities and transport regulators. The World Bank.

Estache, A., González, M., & Trujillo, L. (2002). Efficiency gains from port reform and the potential for yardstick competition: lessons from Mexico. World development30(4), 545-560.
PAPER | JCR: 1,056– Q1

Gonzalez, M. M., & Trujillo, L. (2009). Efficiency measurement in the port industry: a survey of the empirical evidence. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy (JTEP)43(2), 157-192.

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