Mateos Padorno, Covadonga

Titular Professor of Athletics at the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

She has a Ph.D. and a degree in Physical Education. Director of the Olympic Studies Center of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria since 2011.

Former international athlete in the specialty of High Jump (athletics).

She is the author of books on athletics and national and international scientific-technical publications and articles in specialized magazines on Olympism, women and sports, sports training and talents, and healthy lifestyle habits.

Research interests

Health, women and sports
Olympism, Sport, Values and the Olympic Movement
The impact and legacy of the Olympic Games.



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Recent publications

Mateos-Padorno, C., García-Manso, J. M., Fuentes García, J. P., & Martínez-Patiño, M. J. (2021). Kinematic analysis of the final stride approach in Spanish elite high jumpers. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, 1-14.
PAPER | SJR: 0,624– Q2 JCR: 1,518– Q3

Alonso-Fernandez, D., Abalo-Núñez, R., Mateos-Padorno, C., & Martínez-Patiño, M. J. (2021). Effects of eccentric exercise on the quadriceps architecture. Science & Sports36(1), 60-67.ISO 690
PAPER | SJR: 0,255– Q3 JCR: 0,679– Q4

Rocha, T. C., Mateos-Padorno, C., Fuentes-García, J. P., González-Silva, J., & Martínez-Patiño, M. J. (2021). Perception of the Olympic values in the Portuguese coaches of individual and team sports.

Rodicio-García, M. L., Mosquera-González, M. J., Penado, M., & Mateos-Padorno, C. (2020). Evolución de los hábitos deportivos de estudiantes de ciencias del deporte en España. Apunts. Educación física y deportes2(140), 15-22.
PAPER | SJR: 0,179– Q2

Hernández, R. M., Gómez, R. M. M., & Padorno, C. M. (2019). Verbal interaction amongst students during physical education. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise14(3), 560-570.
PAPER | SJR: 0,403– Q2

Remarkable publications

Teijeiro, D. R., Patiño, M. J. M., & Padorno, C. M. (2005). Identidad y estereotipos de la mujer en el deporte: una aproximación a la evolución histórica. Revista de investigación en educación2, 109-126.ISO 690

Corral, C. D., Pérez-Turpin, J. A., Vidal, A. M., Padorno, C. M., Patiño, M. J. M., & Molina, A. G. (2010). Principles of the olympic movementJournal of Human Sport and Exercise, (I), 3-14.

Arufe-Giráldez, V., Barcala-Furelos, R., & Mateos-Padorno, C. (2017). Programas de deporte escolar en España e implicación de los agentes educativos. Revista Internacional de Medicina y Ciencias de la Actividad Física y del Deporte.
PAPER | SJR: 0,211– Q3 JCR: 0,677– Q4

JOSÉ, M., Mateos-Padorno, C., Martínez-Vidal, A., Mosquera, A. M. S., Soidán, J. L. G., Pereira, M. D. P. D., & González, C. F. T. (2010). An approach to the biological, historical and psychological repercussions of gender verification in top level competitions. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise5(3), 307-321.

Mateos-Padorno, C., Scoffier, S., Polifrone, M., Martínez-Patiño, M. J., Martínez-Vidal, A., & Sánchez, M. Z. (2010). Analysis of eating disorders among 12–17 year-old adolescents in the island of Gran Canaria. Eating and Weight Disorders-Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity15(3), e190-e194.
PAPER | JCR: 1,016– Q3