Methodological note in support of integration operations programming

This methodological note identifies and discusses the main issues that characterize the evaluation, selection and prioritization of multinational projects with an effect on regional integration. A conceptual framework and quantitative evaluation methods are presented in order to adequately understand the nature of multinational infrastructure projects, the most appropriate institutional framework for their formulation and selection, the way in which cost-benefit analyzes must be adapted to identify the social benefits and costs of these projects and, finally, the criteria that could be used to compare and distribute, where appropriate, these benefits and costs among the different economic agents in the countries affected by multinational projects.

Technical details

Collaborating or sponsoring entities of the project: Inter-american Development Bank.
Time period: 2016-2018

Researchers and Associate Personal

Ofelia Betancor Cruz and Javier Campos Méndez.

Files and Documents

Evaluación socioeconómica de proyectos de infraestructura de integración regional

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