Socorro Quevedo, M. Pilar

Master in Economic Analysis and P.h.D in Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, she is currently Titular Professor at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Vice Dean of the Degree in Economics. She has participated in numerous national and international projects financed by institutions such as the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Development or the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Moreover, she has presented her work at numerous conferences and published several articles in prestigious international academic journals with a high impact index.


Research interests

Transport Economics.
Game Theory.
Industrial Economics.
Theory of Contracts.


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Recent publications

de Rus, G., Socorro, M. P., Valido, J., & Campos, J. (2023). Economic Evaluation of Transport Projects. Springer Link.

de Rus, G., Socorro, M. P., Valido, J., & Campos, J. (2022). Cost-benefit analysis of transport projects: theoretical framework and practical rules. Transport Policy.

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de Rus, G., Campos, J., Graham, D., Socorro, M. P., & Valido, J. (2020). Evaluación Económica de Proyectos y Políticas de Transporte: Metodología y Aplicaciones. Parte 1: Metodología para el análisis coste-beneficio de proyectos y políticas de transporte (No. 2020-11).

Socorro, M. P., Betancor, O., & Myon, L. (2020). 8 Subsidies to promote air transport connectivity when carriers have market power. Air Transport and Regional Development Policies, 138.

Valido, J., Socorro, M. P., & Medda, F. (2020). Airport capacity and entry deterrence: Low cost versus full service airlines. Economics of transportation22, 100165.
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Graham, A., Socorro, M. P., & Niemeier, H. M. (2020). Air Transport Markets, Strategies and Policies. Research in Transportation Economics79.
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Socorro, M. P., & Betancor, O. (2020). Air transport subsidies for resident passengers: The unexpected effects on competition. Research in Transportation Economics79, 100772.
PAPER | SJR: 0,852– Q1 JCR: 1896,0– Q2

Remarkable publications

Socorro, M. P., & Viecens, M. F. (2013). The effects of airline and high speed train integration. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice49, 160-177.
PAPER | SJR: 2,355– Q1 JCR: 2,525– Q1

de Rus, G., & Socorro, M. P. (2014). Access pricing, infrastructure investment and intermodal competition. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review70, 374-387.
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Barbot, C., Betancor, O., Socorro, M. P., & Viecens, M. F. (2014). Trade-offs between environmental regulation and market competition: airlines, emission trading systems and entry deterrence. Transport Policy33, 65-72.
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Socorro, M. P., Betancor, O., & de Rus, G. (2018). Feasibility and desirability of airport competition: The role of product substitutability and airlines’ nationalityJournal of Air Transport Management67, 224-231.
ARTÍCULO | SJR: 1,09– Q1 JCR: 2,412– Q2

Pilar Socorro, M., & de Rus, G. (2010). The effectiveness of the Spanish urban transport contracts in terms of incentives. Applied Economics Letters17(9), 913-916.
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