Tourism Sectorial Framework of the Inter-American Development Bank

In order to guarantee that tourism leads to sustainable economic, social and environmental growth, our work focuses on: a diagnosis of the relevant problems associated with the economic, environmental and social impact of tourism, both positive and negative; international governance and efficient management of services, private sector participation and financial sustainability.

Therefore, sustainable tourism projects should help countries to:

Take advantage of and protect the biodiversity of the region.

Improve working conditions and local community participation through direct job creation and regulatory issues such as land ownership and rights.

Improve energy efficiency and proper waste disposal.

Technical details

Collaborating or Sponsoring entities of the project: Inter-American Development Bank.
Time period: Sector Framework: 2016-2017
Sector Framework Update: 2019.

Researchers and Associate Personal

Juan Luis Eugenio Martín

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Tourism Sector Framework Document

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